American Bresse Gauloise

The Queen of Poultry and the Poultry of Kings!





















These French imports are rumored to be the best tasting chickens on the planet. They also lay a good quantity of eggs. Around 260 their first year. We have found them to be a great, all purpose chicken. We will offer chicks and hatching eggs in the Spring of 2020. 

Type: Large fowl

Size: Large

Rarity: Very rare in the US but gaining popularity.
Uses: Eggs, Meat
Weight: 6 - 7 lbs. 
Personality: Sweet natured and social. Great foragers.
Broody: Possibly. I have had one go broody and she was a good mom.
Preferred climate: Thrive in all temperatures.
Handles confinement: Yes. 
Egg production: Excellent 
Egg color: White to golden brown
Egg size:  Large

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