Hatching Eggs For Sale, as Available.

As of Feb 1, 2020 we once again have hatching eggs available for both Crested Cream Legbar and White American Bresse chickens.

For genetic diversity my birds are a mix of all available import lines and have been culled HEAVILY. I only keep and breed the best that I can.

I currently have 2 pens for Bresse and 2 pens for Legbars. These are the only 2 breeds I raise and they are kept separated so the chicks are purebred. My pens are large enough that the birds are able to free range in my orchard. They get good quality feed as well as what they can forage for.


Prices for my hatching eggs are as follows:

$3 each (you'd be surprised how many folks just want one or two).

$15 per 6-pack

$25 per dozen

You many mix and match eggs of the two breeds.

I was NPIP in 2018 but did not renew due to a severe ankle injury. I have since downsized and no longer have the required 30 adult birds necessary to be a part of that program. I want to keep a smaller flock since I have now added Kunekune pigs to my farm. I can only ship inside Washington state. Otherwise the eggs must be picked up here in Winlock, WA. I am happy to meet you at exit 63. There is a Shell station located just off I-5.


Please note that these are UNWASHED hatching eggs and may have some dirt on them especially during what I affectionately call "mud season". Rest assured that the eggs are perfectly fine to hatch. I and my hens do it all the time. My hatching rate is over 90%.

Also note that once the eggs leave my possession I am no longer in control of how they are treated. Eggs are fragile and hatching rates can be effected by many different factors. Shipping is especially hazardous for them. I can not guarantee your hatch rates. 




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