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American Bresse Chicks 


We are finished hatching for the 2023 season.


We will be offering hatching aggs until the fall of 2023. You can order them HERE.
Paid reservations take priority and are filled first.
All other available chicks are offered on our Facebook page  

on a first come, first served basis. Like and follow
Winlock American Bresse
to see when extra chicks are available. 
Extra chicks are always first come, first

served and must be picked up promptly. We are hatching weekly and need

to free up brooder space quickly to make room for the next batch. 
If you know that you definitely want chicks from us, it is best to place
a PREPAID reservation so that you are guaranteed to receive them.

Thank you for your interest in our birds!

Find us on Facebook here: Winlock American Bresse

And join our Facebook group, Friends of Winlock American Bresse.

100% White American Bresse CHICKS ARE $15 each, straight run.
 ALL of these chicks will be 100% white American Bresse from our best parent stock.

HEAT PACKS: Transported chicks get one 72 hour heat pack.

Additional heat packs available for $7 each.

~ Upcoming Scheduled Hatches ~

These dates are approximate and subject to change without notice. We will hatch Sat. with chick pick-ups scheduled for Sun. & Mon. We cannot hold your chicks for longer than 2 days after you are notified they are ready. Please make sure you will be able to pick up your chicks or have them transported. 


Follow us on FACEBOOK !

Chicks are offered on a first come, first served basis (or you can prepay in advance to reserve them). To be added to our reservation list please fill out the form, below. We will contact you as soon as your chicks become available. You will also find our hatching schedule, above. You can indicate which hatch date you are interested in on our contact form. We will do our best to accommodate you, but we can never guarantee how many chicks hatch from a particular batch.

To RESERVE chicks, you will be required to prepay, using ZELLE. You may also pay with cash, check, or postal money order. (Please note that we must receive your check/money order within 5 business days in order to hold your reservation. Make sure to mail it promptly. If it arrives late, you will get the next available hatching date).


Zelle is a simple transfer from one bank account to another. Most banking institutions offer this, and it may already be included in your banking app. If not, I can send you a Zelle request and you can usually pay via a debit card.

Checks and postal money orders can be made out to:

Roxanna Willoughby

P.O. Box 84

Vader, WA 98593

You will need to pick up (or have transported) the chicks within 2 days of being notified they are ready, or you will forfeit your reservation and they will be offered to the next in line. Reservation fees are NON-REFUNDIBLE.

We are not NPIP. We DO NOT ship chicks with USPS. We charge a flat rate of $60 to transport your chicks up to 150 miles. The USPS has been horrible and not able to get chicks to their proper destination.

Chicks need to be picked up (or transported) within 2 days of our notifying you they are ready. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you sell hatching eggs.

A: Hatching eggs are available starting in July and continuing through the fall


Q: Do you vaccinate your chicks?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Can you sell me all female chicks?

A: No. We do not sex the chicks. They are straight run, only.


Q: Can you grow the chicks out for me, for a month or two?

A: No. We only grow out chicks we intend to keep for ourselves.


Q: Do you sell roosters that are already processed?

A: No. We only process roosters for our own consumption.

Q: Do you sell adult hens or roosters?

A: Occasionally. Usually not until the end of the season. Follow our Facebook page. They will be advertised there.

Q: Do you take Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp payments?

A: No. We take Zelle, CASH, checks or postal money orders, only.

Q: What lines are your birds from?

A: We have Bresse from Spring Creek Heritage Farms, Fat Chicken Farm LLC, and North Star Farms. Our flock is now closed and we will not add any more outside birds so we can focus on our spiral breeding program.

Winlock American Bresse
Chick Reservations
Prefered way for us to contact you?
What are you wanting to do?
Which hatching date (or month) would you want them from?
How will you recieve the chicks?

Thank you for your interest in

Winlock American Bresse!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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